Tank Lifting Party in Maryland! Same day as WAMAS meeting - a few miles away!

Blue Tang Clan

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Nov 14, 2017
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Hi everyone -- the time has come to get my 550 gallon tank placed onto its stand, and I'm throwing a stand lifting party! I've never done this before, so chime in with any comments/suggestions!
  • We're going to pregame the WAMAS meeting! The 10/26 quarterly meeting starts at 1:00pm just a few miles away at North Bethesda High School.
  • I was thinking 11:00am for a lift n' lunch.
  • Suction cups are being provided by WAMAS
  • There are no stairs! We are just taking the tank from my garage around the side of my house through a French double door, and right onto the stand inside. Easy!
  • A bunch of us can obviously lift it with suction cups, but if anyone has a lead on scissor table lifts (or extra suction cups), let me know -- they are always useful
  • You will have my eternal gratitude for being there at the start of my 550 gallon tank journey!
I have 3 guys volunteered already -- and in a perfect world, there would be 8-9 more to make it an easy lift. Any takers for doing 3 minutes of lifting?

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