Thanks again Geo's Reef!

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    So it's home :)

    @geo did a great job of repairing the valve for me. He added 2 fittings to the plumbing so if this were to ever happen again I can swap in a new valve lickity split.

    And here it is with all the trimmings

    Currently leak testing it before I hook it back up. My tank has missed the skimmer lol

    Thanks again @geo ! This is why when it comes to equipment such as this I go with Geo's Reef, he was willing to go to his shop on a Saturday for drop off and pick up for me since my work schedule doesn't allow me to make it out during normal business hours. It's hard to find customer service like this.
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    Very nice... Serdar is the man! :D Last year I sent him my old school CaRx lid for some modifications. To help me save on return shipping costs, he bought the parts down to MACNA - NOLA so I could grab it from him at the show. Very accommodating and his quality & craftsmanship is second to none.
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