*** The Great Orphek Osix Controller Giveaway!! $5,000+ in PRIZES!! 5 WINNERS!! ***



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Feb 9, 2023
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ATTENTION, REEF2REEFers!! Orphek is celebrating the launch of their BRAND NEW Orphek Osix – OR3 LED Bar iCon Smart Dim Controller and we’re excited to share it with you!! They're hosting a HUGE giveaway ($5,000+ in prizes) right here with 5 WINNERS!!! You guys are gonna LOVE this!!

Lots of ways to win!! Lots of prizes to win!! Lots of fun for everyone!! Check out the rules and get those entries in!!



Official Rules:
  1. You must complete the Official Entry before completing any of the daily or bonus entries. We will verify the official entry before confirming the winner, so DO NOT miss that step!
  2. Be sure to make a post in this thread for each and every entry you complete (this is important since we will be using a random number generator to pick the winning post).
  3. For our general contest rules and disclaimers that apply to all of our R2R Giveaways, CLICK HERE!
Official Entry: (required to enter) Check out Orphek's thread outlining the details of the Orphek Osix – OR3 LED Bar iCon Smart Dim Controller and tell us one reason you hope you win!


  1. Check out Orphek’s OR3 LED light bars HERE and tell us why you’d like to win these for your tank!
  2. Follow Orphek on Instagram.
  3. Like Orphek on Facebook.
  4. Check out the Orphek Photo/Video Gallery on their website and tell us which tank caught your eye the most.
  5. Share this contest on social media (each social media platform can be used for 1 bonus entry. So, that could be 1 entry for Facebook, 1 for Twitter, 1 for IG, etc. Make a separate post in this thread for each social media post you make.
  6. Start/Update your build thread on R2R and post a link here. You can do this once a week for bonus entries. Our members tanks forums are found here.
  7. Start a new thread in any of our general forums (not marketplace, local, or sponsor forums) about any reefing topic you'd like. This can be done once a week for extra entries. Not sure how to start a thread? We're glad you asked. CLICK HERE!
  8. Check out Orphek's video demonstrating the new Osix and tell us one thing you learned about the new controller.

BONUS ENTRY FOR R2R SUPPORTING & PARTNER MEMBERS: This is an entry option that is only available if you are a Reef2Reef Supporting or Partner Member. If you are a supporting/partner member please make a post in this thread stating that you are a R2R supporter/partner. If you're not a supporting member, but would like more info on how to sign up, CLICK HERE.



Winners can choose between the Osix 60 for OR3 60, Osix 90 for OR3 90, and Osix 120 for OR3 120.

1st Prize: Osix 120 or 90 or 60 with 6 OR3 LED bars to be chosen by the winner + fixing bracket
2nd Prize: Osix 120 or 90 or 60 with 5 OR3 LED bars to be chosen by the winner + fixing bracket
3rd Prize: Osix 120 or 90 or 60 with 4 OR3 LED bars to be chosen by the winner + fixing bracket
4th Prize: Osix 120 or 90 or 60 with 3 OR3 LED bars to be chosen by the winner + fixing bracket
5th Prize: Osix 120 or 90 or 60 with 2 OR3 LED bars to be chosen by the winner + fixing bracket

If you’re paying attention, that’s a total of 5 of the new Orphek Osix systems and 20 OR3 LED bars!!





Entries will be accepted through April 23, 2023. We will choose the winners via a random number generator on April 24, 2023. The winners will have their usernames tagged. We will not email or contact the winner other than tagging the winning name. Be sure to check back to claim your prize. If it is not claimed within 3 days we will do a re-pick and so on until the prize is claimed.

Thank you everyone for joining the fun, and a big thanks to @Orphek for such an awesome giveaway!

My official entry:

the most compelling reason I should win is so I can trash my mediocre lights that came with my tank.

I ran it past my corals and they agree.
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