The microbiology of reef tank cycling.

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    Something new for our cycle referencing and proofs thread. That is a low surface area setup. No sand. No rock quarantine tank using an external filter with siporax as the surface area media. Here's how I think that thread relates to ours

    Single parameter cycling. What does ammonia do after the known submersion period has passed vs other params, and has that mattered on previous pages, and do params other than ammonia matter here?

    *in our thread, we never assess a cycle off what the final wastewater numbers are, we change the water out and digest test at a custom level using salifert testing, relative to a tanks surface area varistion from norm. We test the opposite of metabolite laden wastewater, we test the clean palette to really see where a cycle has occurred or not

    We don't use API either

    Do we have to digest test at the stated two ppm levels in a tank using very low comparative surface area? No rocks or sand is mighty different than most. Worth considering.

    Does dr tims on their instructions ever state it takes sixty days to complete?

    What about online cycling we see any sixty day ones on google, or are they thirty day charts? What would seem to make a simple quarantine tank fail to adhere to cycling timeframes already tested timeframes?

    Based on those prior tested conditions, it seems to me the keeper should change the water fully, and digest test at half a ppm using a salifert test kit so that we have a new set of movements to compare. If the system cannot move half a ppm given sixty days, we are onto the first anomaly in our entire thread.

    But if it can move half a ppm, and then a whole ppm tested next using salifert, how much will it need to move in order to sustain a couple quarantine fish someone could physically fit into a ten gallon before we could stamp it cycled?

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