The perfect filtration solution for your show tank! Crystal Reef Aquatics SRS60

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Apr 6, 2018
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The Stealth Reef Sump SRS60 has a 60 x 22 x 16 (86 gallon) configuration and comes complete with all the accessories show below at no extra charge to our customers. These include a John Guest fitting with a 3 inch hard acrylic tube for RO/DI, Probe Holder, Dual 7 inch sock Assembly, All bulkhead and piping, Dual heater holders, Drop in media box, Adjustable Skimmer Baffle, Media rack, 5 John Guest fittings with 3 inch hard acrylic tubes for Dosing to give our clients a fully Plug and Play Sump. All Sump are made from top Grade Plexiglass , Designed in the US and Hand built in the US.

Free freight to your Home or the nearest shipping terminal !!!!


1 = Designed for a Bean Animal 3 drain system. With all 1.5" bulkheads and drain piping (included).

2 = CRA Drop in Box (see description below), and a drop in 2-7" Filter Sock tray (see description below).

3 = Refugium/Skimmer baffle, slotted to keep Algae from drifting into Skimmer chamber.

4 = A pair of CRA Heater Holders.

5 = An adjustable Baffle giving you more precise control for varying Skimmer requirements, with the levels ranging from 6" to 14".

6 = John Guest fitting with 3 inch hard acrylic tube for ATO (included) for easy Plug and Play.

7 = 1" Bulkhead (included) for ease of return pump plumbing.

8 = 5- John Guest fittings and 3" tubes (included) for easy plug and play dosing of essential elements.

9 = CRA probe Holder, Designed for 3 normal probes and 1 larger (Temp) all being adjustable.

10 = 6 x 21.5 return pump chamber.

11 = 3 inch Custom media/sponge removable rack.

12 = 18 x 21.5 Skimmer chamber.

13 = 15.5 x 21.5 Refugium chamber.

14 = 4.5 x 21.5 Aquarium water input chamber.

15 = Through top wire management holes.



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Jan 13, 2016
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Louisville, KY
I absolutely love mine! Could not be more pleased with the sump and @Crystal Reef Aquatics as a company! Great communication, on time delivery, etc... The sump has changed the way I am able to maintain my tank and is built as nice as they come!

Thanks again Crystal Reef Aquatics!


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