The Reef Factory Black Friday Sale Is Happening NOW!

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Reef Factory USA

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Oct 3, 2022
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Take 15% off everything this Black Friday Week ( Nov 25th - Dec 2nd). Catch the sale at for the best deals on all those smart aquarium essentials! Use 'BLACKFRIDAY' at checkout.

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Get in now and secure some products unlike other aquarium devices, as Reef Factory devices do not require a connection to a central computer and each device is equipped with a WIFI module and connects directly to the Smart Reef System. The Reef Factory KH keeper, a stand alone KH monitor that tests water samples directly from your aquarium & sends you alerts via the Smart Reef App available for both iOS and Android! And the Reef flare Pro series which is characterized by high PAR/PUR ratio, advanced EOI optics for maximum light coverage area in the aquarium. With an ultra efficient & silent cooling system, the light has been developed to be lightweight and sleek with a contemporary and elegant design again controllable via the Smart Reef App.

Does it matter to you whether your fish are captive-bred or wild caught?

  • I only buy captive bred fish.

    Votes: 72 14.1%
  • It matters, but I will buy either captive-bred or wild-caught.

    Votes: 372 72.7%
  • I think wild-caught fish are the better option.

    Votes: 13 2.5%
  • I don’t care where the fish were bred.

    Votes: 55 10.7%