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Jul 22, 2020
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United Kingdom
Hello y'all!

Been in reefing for 10 years, owning tanks for 4 (the other time was spent in a fish store!) My current tank is a 27 gallon RSR Nano, Mixed reef.

Lighting: Ecotech Radion XR 15 Pro
Return Pump - Octo Varios 2
Powerhead: Sicce / Jebao
Refugium: Kessil H160, Grape Caulerpa, Biobricks
Skimmer: Bubble Magnus 3.5

My favourite corals are favias, though zoas always make me cheery. The VInyl Reef has been up for 1 year.

Fish List:
1 Wyoming White Clownfish
2 Blue Chromis
1 Pygmy Possom Wrasse
1 Hippo Tang (juvinile)

I dose by hand and maintain a stringent diary. The diary and my skill at testing has maintained my parameters so thoroughly it's been a joy this first year.

Let's chat!

241314105_870383533596528_6559541479296771429_n.jpg 241863193_1472565516460450_2696068943980779240_n.jpg 241461425_611190669890908_4529321887472132541_n.jpg 242357236_2095154850651424_1812789622652214721_n.jpg 242230105_199474938918516_308968591381955626_n.jpg 241731367_1567940326871246_2744705643829759882_n.jpg 241542231_4078034805657385_3283746639827648463_n.jpg 241431591_173770118227463_597381419832785756_n.jpg
Welcome. Nice corals. Keep the pictures coming maybe on your build tread too.
Orphek OR3 reef aquarium LED lighting

Speaking of your latest coral purchase...

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