Tiger Snapping Shrimp & my tank. (Compatibility question)



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Apr 28, 2021
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Hi R2R community. I have attempted to search, but can't find anything that covers my question with my inhabitants. I recently got a Watchman Goby and would love to get him a friend. I've read a ton about Tiger Snapping Shrimp but am truly uncertain if it will fare well in my tank.

Please forgive my ignorance if there is a better place to ask this.

Here are my inhabitants. Can I introduce a Tiger Snapping Shrimp and not have anything to worry about?

1x Mexican Turbo
1x Mergerite Snail
6x Hermit Crabs
2x Nassarius Snails
2x Amphiprion percula Clowns
1x Cleaner Shrimp
1x Green Bubble Tipped Anemone
1x Royal Gramma
1x Bi-Color Blenny
1x Six Line Wrasse
1x Yellow Watchman Goby
1x Zoa

Thanks in advanced.
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