TL Reefs Biopellet Reactors Are Now Available For Purchase!

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    Now Shipping! Please go here to purchase:

    Our custom designed biopellet reactor gives you great performance at an affordable price.

    This reactor comes with everything you need. No worrying about which pump to buy, or how to connect the plumbing. Just add media and plug it in!

    If you keep the outlet submerged, the reactor will stay full in a power outage, and also has a built in strainer to prevent pellets from back-flowing into your pump when removed from the sump. The cone shaped bottom keeps your pellets tumbling gently, which prevents any dead spots or clumping of your media.

    The included pump is a Quiet One 1200, coupled directly to the bottom of the canister. You can control the output on the pump, and fine tune the flow rate with the ball valve on the outlet pipe. There is easy access to the pump to perform any maintenance that may be required.

    This unit works great with our Biopellets and GFO. It has a 1 liter volume and will hold up to 500 mL of biopellets, which is enough for most aquariums up to 150 gallons.



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