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    To our international friends outside North America: We need your help to make our Kickstarter campaign a success! While it might take us a while longer to get to your country by clearing wireless regulatory hurdles, establishing regional cloud servers, arranging for shipping logistics, setting up service centers, and dealing with legal/export challenges, we are committed to bringing the MindStream monitor to you as quickly as possible. We have created 4 new Kickstarter rewards for you which offer special pre-sale prices when we ship it to your country. You will also receive VIP priority shipping before others in your country. Your pledge will help us determine what countries we expand to first. All countries outside of North America (US, Canada, Mexico) that pledge $25,000 or more in total KS pledges will be placed at the top of our international expansion list. Be a part of helping us bring the revolutionary MindStream monitor to aquarists everywhere by supporting us in our Kickstarter campaign, which ends in 4 days on Sunday night at 10:00 EDT:
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    Would love to see it arrive to Lebanon but really doubt the small reefing community here justifies the investment.
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