Tommy's Phyto Two 16oz total of 32oz of Live Phyto for only $20 w/ free shipping!

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Jan 7, 2021
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Lake Elsinore
Hey Everyone! we had great success this weekend at the coral show and we are in negotiations with a big box retailer!!!!

So let us keep Tommy's Phyto Special price going!

You always hear about Algae problems with people dumping chemicals and killing all their livestock, You don't have to do that! Dose live phyto and watch your algae disappear. The phyto will out-compete the nuisance algae in your aquarium and you will slowly watch your algae problem disappear while feeding your corals and remove contaminants from your water.

Want more color from your coral? Why not feed them something natural? Feed them the best Phyto from Tommy's Phyto!
We sell premium live phyto at low prices for the masses!

We make it easy to buy!
You can pay directly using Paypal, Send Payment to [email protected]. Please include your address.

You can pay with Venmo or Zelle, Just email Email [email protected] for more information

Or you can buy on Esty or eBay, Our links are below.





Fresh in house culture
16 OZ FOR ONLY $10!!!

Buy 2 and get free shipping!!!

Keeping corals and other planktivorous invertebrates in the home aquarium is easier–and one’s chances of long-term success are better–than ever before. Indeed, aquarists are now breeding species thought to be nearly impossible to keep just a decade ago. So, what’s changed? It’s certainly not as though the animals have changed. What has changed is way we care for them. Among the biggest improvements we’ve made is the greater quality and availability of specialized feeds (such as live, planktonic microalgae) for these species. Maybe the best example of this is coraliculture. Coral foods in the early days of reef aquarium keeping were quite unimpressive. As in, made out of stuff like chicken eggs. The results were generally disappointing. We pretty threw the towel at coral foods altogether until fairly recently. And corals did alright without–certainly better than in the 1990s! But corals were still rather… blah. At least compared to what we see today. Of course, to a huge extent, the mindboggling variety and dazzling colors that aquarists now take for granted have come from decades of selective cultivation by extremely dedicated farmers. That said, much of this happy development owes to our better understanding of coral nutrition. Central to this are live phytoplankton products. There are now a handful of “phyto” aquarium foods on the market nowadays. These vary from one another in several key aspects. Cost, convenience and performance are major considerations by users; arguably, it is the last of these that is most important—at least to your aquarium inhabitants! In terms of quality, the best phytoplankton products are live (rather than dead and preserved), mixed-species products. Moreover, they are completely nutritionally balanced. Products containing intact, living cells are much cleaner than those made of dead stuff. Live products also produce less pollution. Live (and multiplying) phyto actually removes waste products from the aquarium water! Clearly, there is a lot about phytoplankton for the discerning reef aquarist to know

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