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Hey Y'all.

Have a bunch of Acros we are looking to trim. Lots of variety and something for everybody. Everything here will be cut to order and pack prices will be given for multiple items. I am more than willing to get you better pictures if you are interested in certain corals. All prices are for 1"+ frags unless otherwise noted. I have posted a couple pics of frag packs that have been ordered as a sample.

IMG_2524 2.jpg

IMG_2523 2.jpg


TSA The Fuzz $50
TSA Optimus Prime $125
TSA Bil Murray $100
TSA Dan Aykroyd $50
TSA Carolina Reaper $125
CCC Red Handed Tenuis $125
Vivid's Rainbow Delight $75
PC Rainbow $30
Oregon Tort $40
Garf Bonsai $40
OG Walt Disney $75
Big R Walt Disney $100
BC Fly Me to the Moon $50
BC Glowstick $30
Miyagi Tort $30
ASD Rainbow Milli $75
MC Prom Queen $550 3/4" frag
RR Angry Birds $450
RR Pink Floyd $75
RR Pink Cadillac $50
Blue Smoothskin $75
Copps Calacali Stag $40
WWC OG Gatorade $50
Red Table Acro $50
Dr. Strange the Rainbow $250
Tricolor Valida $30
Hawkins Echinata $40
Jojos rainbow $50


Kung Pao Monti $75
Crazy T monti $100
JF Beach Bum $100
Peyote Dreams $100



DOA: First of all....All frags will require at least one week to heal and make sure they are ready for shipping. Shipping this time of year can be a little bit tricky but I will wait for a warmer day to ship. I am here to make sure you receive a quality animal in healthy condition. I understand that shipping issues happen and that these things are never fun. So....I will give you credit for a future order for any corals that arrive DOA. Or I will replace. Shipping is nonrefundable.
I am not responsible for shipping company issues but like I said, I will do what I can to replace what was lost or credit for future purchases. Only thing I ask for is a picture of Dead coral within 2 hours of FIRST delivery attempt.


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Jan 1, 2019
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When will you start shipping again and how much to ship to 06604?
We shipped a few orders this last week with no issue. We cut, let heal for a week or two and then ship. Shipping is typically $50 unless in the Midwest. Your price will depend on what you want from the list above. If you have any questions or would like help deciding, shoot me a pm and we can make a pack!


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