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Torches: Indo Holy Grail, Malaysian, HG Variants: Dragon Tamers, Rapunzels - Local only by Glendale

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Coral Kai

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Jun 12, 2021
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Los Angeles
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The Indo grails are 400-500 for singles depending on the color. I have 2H Indo Grails at 700 each frag. (All Sold)

For the Indo HG Variants such as the Dragon tamers and Rapunzels, it is 250-300 for singles depending on whether its colored up or not. I have one dragon tamer double that's 400

I have Malaysian versions as well. 600- grail, 500 for the dragon tamer/rapunzel/god torch

Reverse Tiger and Indo Banana not for sale. Local only this time around since I will not be shipping in this weather and I have had terrible luck with both UPS and FEDEX recently.

Message me if you are local to socal and want to take a look

PXL_20220901_232224142-01.jpeg PXL_20220901_232258945-01.jpeg PXL_20220901_232407004-02.jpeg PXL_20220901_233108788-01.jpeg PXL_20220901_233132713-01.jpeg PXL_20220828_182103877-01.jpeg PXL_20220828_182108546-01.jpeg PXL_20220828_182112922-01.jpeg PXL_20220828_182117411-01.jpeg PXL_20220828_182257080-01.jpeg PXL_20220901_232153232-01.jpeg PXL_20220901_232206451-01.jpeg
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