Torches - TSA Holy Grail, NY Knicks, Hellfire, Dragon Soul, Holy Grail Micromussa, Bicolor Hammer, others


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Aug 25, 2018
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Novi MI
Hi All - having my first torch sale. I'm trying to be competive on prices, make me an offer though if you think otherwise (just not 100% sure of the current market). TSA Holy Grail lineaged, NY Knicks, Dragon Soul and Hellfire. Also Hammer, Holy Grail Micromussa, Avatar Chalice, Huge Florida Ricordea (the biggest that I have seen anyway), plus the usual Frankenstein Bounce, Juggernaut Bounce, Gumdrop Mushrooms availble and a lot of zoas. Good package deals also available.

Thanks for looking!

TSA Holy Grail - single head $800
Dragon Soul - double head $200 (plus others available)
Hellfire ($150 head)
NY Knicks ($200 head)
Bicolor hammer (double head $50)
Holy Grail Micromussa (5 heads and 5 babies) $300
Avatar Chalice $30 - several available
Florida Ricordea huge triple head $70 + more available if interested

Avatar 1.jpg
DS 1.jpg
DS 2.jpg
DS 3.jpg
DS 4.jpg
Hammer 1.jpg
Hammer 2.jpg
Hammer 3.jpg
Hammer 4.jpg
HF 1.jpg
HF 2.jpg
HF 3.jpg
HF 4.jpg
Holy Grail Micro.jpg
NY 1.jpg
NY 2.jpg
NY 3.jpg
NY 4.jpg
NY 5.jpg
Ricordea 1.jpg
TSA 2.jpg
TSA 3.jpg
TSA 4.jpg
TSA 5.jpg
Avatar 1.jpg
TSA 1.jpg
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