Trivia Tuesday Episode 6 june 30


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Apr 28, 2016
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Columbia SC
it's time to get back to our Trivia Tuesday. June 30 at 6 PM Time EST For this Episode 6 we will be hosting the AquariumPartners team, with Francois ,Janet and Chase who will answer all your questions about the Prodibio Brand , ELOS product , and More
We will talking about More topic .
-Elos Salt and Aquascaping Experience with Chase .
-Warehouse tour..
-What's new?
-Feeding your tank with all our Product
-July 4th sale on T
his Time We have 2 question For this Trivia Tuesday Ep 6
1) What is the name of ELOS Plankton Food?
2) What is the name of the Capelin Egg product from V20 Foods?
Answers can be found at V20fisfood and Aquariumpartners , Join us LIVE and post the answers in the comments section and win prizes.
#triviaTuesday # AquariumPartners #Prodibio #Bestreefproducts #freshwatertoo #aquascaping #bestplanktonever #noPO4
join us on the facebook pages of each company, and on the Youtube page of Aquariumpartners.

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