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Aug 8, 2020
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Sewell, NJ
I have never ordered fish online and always bought at my LFS. Since there is a significant shipping cost and the fish I am looking for is fairly inexpensive I would like to combine a purchase. Have you been able to find the right time to order multiple fish you wanted at once in the past or do you end up having to order 1 at a time, when one of the fishes you want is available?
You can submit the order for the fish you are currently looking for and ask for it to be held in the notes or via email until the other fish you would like to purchase are ready for shipment/quarantine status. Also, if you're not finding the fish you're looking for online, please feel free to send us a dm via R2R or an email at [email protected] and we will do our best to get the fish you are looking for imported, quarantined and ready for sale. Please keep in mind any fish arriving at our facility will go into quarantine for at least 30 days before its get put into our sales system.

Jason Collins

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Nov 27, 2017
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TSM has been great to me. Just message them with the fish you are looking for and they will tell you when they are coming out of QT and you can pre order them. I currently have a fish on preorder that is ready next week, they combined 2 other fish that were ready for sale and are holding them to ship all 3 together for 1 shipping price. Other places dont seem to be willing to hold anything for you. They want it shipped immediately out of their store. TSM is a step above everyone else for customer service.

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