TUNZE PHOTO BOMB GIVEAWAY!! Win a free Tunze Care Package for your reef!! 5 WINNERS!!



TUNZE has been a name associated with excellent quality in our hobby for over 30 years, and they’re one of the great sponsors who have supported our community for years. We’re excited to partner with Tunze this month to bring 5 lucky reefers a free Tunze Care Package including a Tunze Care Magnet Long and a bottle of Care Panes!

How to Enter:

This giveaway is a PHOTOBOMB contest, so the objective is easy… BOMB this thread with reefing photos!

So... simply post a reef-related photo in this thread for one entry! And…post up to 1 million reef-related photos for up to 1 million entries! (1 photo per entry.)

Rules…rules…rules… Only 2 rules:
  1. You may only enter photos that belong to you.
  2. You may only enter up to 1 million photos.

5 winners will each receive a Tunze Care Package including a Tunze Care Magnet Long and a bottle of Care Panes! However, if we reach up to 2,000 photos, we’ll do our best to sweeten the deal. :)

Drawing of Prizes and Notification of Winnings

Entries accepted through September 4, 2022. The winner will be chosen by random draw and announced on September 5, 2022.

We will choose the winners via a random number generator. The winners' usernames will be tagged in the winning announcement. We will not email, pm, or contact the winners other than tagging the winning name. Be sure to check back to claim your prize. If it is not claimed within 3 days we will do a re-pick and so on until the prize is claimed.

Please read our general R2R giveaway guidelines/disclaimers HERE!

Thanks again to Tunze USA!


Does it matter to you whether your fish are captive-bred or wild caught?

  • I only buy captive bred fish.

    Votes: 50 13.2%
  • It matters, but I will buy either captive-bred or wild-caught.

    Votes: 282 74.6%
  • I think wild-caught fish are the better option.

    Votes: 5 1.3%
  • I don’t care where the fish were bred.

    Votes: 41 10.8%