Tunze Turbelle 6255 Powerhead & Skimz SV203 Oval Skimmer

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Oct 25, 2010
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Tunze Turbelle Stream 6255 Controllable Powerhead - Great overall condition. Moves a TON of water. Just not the right setup for our 5' tank. I will include a spare 6255 (no magnet) for parts, as it has a dead/dying motorblock. $270 shipped

Skimz SV203 Oval Skimmer - Upgraded to a newer Jebao DCP4000 pump. (Original pump was a rebranded original Jebao). Great skimmer, just a bit undersized for our tnak. Condition is good, however the pump came loose during original shipping, knocking the bubble cone off and chipping the corners of the mounting flange. Cone was reattached with acrylic glue, and the motor locks into the flange as it should. Never had any performance issues with this skimmer. $180 + Actual Shipping.

Will update pictures tonight when I get a chance. Located in Orlando, FL if you're local.
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