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Turbelle Nanostream 6055 Controllable pumps

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$100 each
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Feb 10, 2017
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Ok. I broke down my tank and redid it with dry rock. I sorted out my pumps this morning and to my surprise. I have 1 6095 and 1 6055. So I'm making a change or edit to my sale.

The 6055 is an old 6055 that requires that you have to hook up to controller. I have used it for years. I had 2 6105's and 1 6095 and 1 6055 hooked to my controller. I guess I replaced the 6055 with a 6095 at some time or another. Anyway. Here is a pic of the 6055. I did inspect this pump allot. The only thing I see is that the last 6 inches of cord going to the pump is pretty hard, so I dont think you could try to start bending it allot as its pretty stiff.

I'm reducing the price on the 6055 to $50 bucks. You must have a controller to run this pump. It does not come with one. Here is pic showing the last 6 inches of he cord it has algae or something on it, but its pretty stiff.

For the 6095. I will sell it for $100. It has the controller and everything. I dont know when I purchased it but its been running for years on the tank. No issues.

When I say controller. I used the following 7096 to control the pumps and not the controllers on the pumps. I have not put this up for sale yet as I'm not sure I will want to put 6105 back on the tank until I get some corals in there to see if I have enough flow.
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