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Two mp40 mobius ready $300

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Apr 5, 2018
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Breaking down tank this weekend do everything will go Waterbox 100g geo dual calcium reactor carbon doser , vectra s1 Kamoer fxstp two radion xr15 w pro
Neptunes apex el Nero 5 all must go
But for now the mp40s
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Does it matter to you whether your fish are captive-bred or wild caught?

  • I only buy captive bred fish.

    Votes: 56 13.2%
  • It matters, but I will buy either captive-bred or wild-caught.

    Votes: 313 74.0%
  • I think wild-caught fish are the better option.

    Votes: 7 1.7%
  • I don’t care where the fish were bred.

    Votes: 47 11.1%