For sale Two Paired Black & White Clownfish to Give Away

Black & White Clownfish (Ocellaris) to Give Away. These are two mature clownfish that need a good home in the North Seattle Area.
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Black & White Paired Clownfish to Give Away

Two beautiful little Black & White Clownfish and one Sapphire Blue Damsel need a new home. I am in the Seattle Metropolitan Area and I will not ship them. I need to find a good home so they can live out their long lives in a Happy & Healthy Environment. They are all six (6) years old and have been happily swimming around in a 50 gallon XL200 RedSea aquarium. I keep my tank clean, low Nitrates, lots of water flow, constant water changes.

I am looking for someone that would like to take them and take care of them. They are mature, paired and beautiful. In the past, they have had a relationship with the anemones, but are not currently paired with the anemones. They are easy to feed, take care of and always a delight to watch swim around in my aquarium.
If you are interested in these guys, please let me know and hopefully, we can work something out whereby they will be able to live long and happy lives. Thank you!

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