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Ultra Reef Borie UKB-120 V2 protein skimmer

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May 6, 2012
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Paramus NJ
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Built like a tank. Makes Bubble King skimmers feel like a plastic water bottle...lol

Bought it new 2 months ago. I have the original box and everything it comes with. You can take it completely apart including the 4 piece skimmer cup. It's a beast but too much for my lightly stocked Reefer Nano. Very quiet

$250 firm. NO trades

(Rated for aquariums between)
26 gallons - 80 gallons

(Skimmer Specifications)
Footprint: 5.91" x 7.87"
Height: 19.7"
Pump: Jebao DCW 2000
Air Draw: 66-106 GPH
Water Intake: 106-211 GPH
Power Consumption: 5-11 Watts
Recommended sump water depth: 8.6"



Screenshot_20230203_151116_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20230203_151107_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20230205_165217_Gallery.jpg ukb-120-skimmer.jpg ukb-120-pump_1.jpg

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