Unable to Locate Original ReefBot for Sale?


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Jun 26, 2015
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Mohegan Lake, New York
I have been experiencing issues with my Reef Kinetics Reef Bot returning results originally from only my Red Sea Magnesium test kit and recently my API Calcium test kit. After a number emails exchanges with the support team they have offered to have my unit returned to be diagnosed at the factory. This is great! However, that leaves me with having to do manual testing again for the Test Kits that appear to still be functioning. So I decided that I will just buy another ReefBot and when the malfunctioning unit is returned I can use it on my 8 year olds 16 gallon BioCube. However, upon checking the website it appears that the ReefBot is not listed out of stock but rather not available for purchase. What gives? Is the ReefBot being discontinued? Even navigating to the ReefBot section of the website results in you being thrown an advertisement about purchasing the available ReefBot Pro. Say it ain't so?!?!

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