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Aug 22, 2019
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Westminster, Ma
So after I cut my first pieces of glass and remembering the projects other reefers had posted, I realized that I need to make a post about this project.

So I have a 75gal tank that currently houses a couple ciclids that I will be re-homing. I have decided that I want to take my 15gal nano and put it in my 75 gal. The first place I need to start is the overflow and sump so I can get the system up and running.

So I started planning my overflow. On r2r and some other forums I have seen some great glass overflows and I liked the ideas but I wanted to take them all and make something really special. What sets my project apart from the others is the capabilities that I have at my disposal. I didnt want the simple straight edge overflow and I didnt want to use any acrylic.

Fortunately for me my work just recently got a brand new waterjet and my boss was gratuitous enough to let me use it for my own personal project.

After a few different designs and working through the difficulty of cutting complex shapes in a brittle material I came up with a design that looks great and works quite easily.

The back outer tank that houses the bean animal was quite easy and is not super impressive I have seen many that look like this so that part isnt really that important. The in-tank part is really where I am stepping up to the next level. I am using dark gray glass for the inside and my parts have weirs as part of the glass with a step angle cut in the bottom to reduce / eliminate water noise.

Today I made my first cut in the gray glass which was my side piece. I will post the rest of the planning in future post but I will just let the picture speak for its self.

20220714_133535.jpg 16578334814791460382774899532510.jpg 16578335811384815589026403235749.jpg 16578336183617208417731167996978.jpg
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