UNS 60U catproof build



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Mar 25, 2020
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My reef tank of two years had to be moved with me when I moved out of my parents house earlier this year. My roommate has a cat, and my parents are anxious of my tank leaking(previous user errors).

I really wanted to upgrade to a 40g lagoon tank, but was unsure whether the 40g I had was too old or able to hold water at all. I bought the stand for the tank from my LFS that resells tanks and stands for a lower cost.

Yes, my rimless tank is inside the 40g tank. I have support under the glass so it doesn’t bend and then break. I took the precautions lol!! Luckily, I believe the 40g was for reptiles so it came with a mesh-wire lid. #catproof

07F6029A-54E4-4C68-8973-49A99FF1A124.jpeg 8898DFFB-FC98-4A65-96F8-D11958661294.jpeg E802CA07-5240-485A-ADD3-2C6065730B20.jpeg 5B06950C-1813-4029-91F9-DE374AB5C4B3.jpeg
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