[Updated Pictures] 25 lagoon, radion xr30 pro, ram, icecap skimmer, gyre, ato, and a lot more!


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Oct 2, 2018
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reposting with pics
Pick up is in COLLEGE STATION - Or I can ship at buyers expense

25 Lagoon Breakdown Sale!

Trigger 5 gallon Reservoir Tank - 100 | CURRENT OFFER $80
Icecap ato - 100 | CURRENT OFFER $70
Icecap K1 nano skimmer, needs some cleaning - 70
Icecap 1k gyre, one side is new and has not been used - 90

Xr30 gen 4 PRO with diffuser and original faceplate - 550
RMS arm mount - 80
Light, diffuser, and arm for $600

Coral lens viewer - 20
Flipper Scraper (fit for aquariums around 25 gallons) - 20
Refugium lights - PM
HOB Refugium - 55, needs to be cleaned

Nuvo 25 Lagoon TANK only, corner has chip in it but the tank has held water for 3+ years - 200
Mighty jet 326 gph upgraded return pump - 70
2x nuvo filter caddy - 20 each or 35 for both
Nuvo APS aluminum tank stand - 200

custom acrylic mesh lid - $80

Tank, stand, return pump, and filter caddy bundle deal for 400

or with the lid for 450

PM Offers as well. Also have some salifert testers, extra chemicals (nopox, vibrant, reef roids, blue, chemipure blue), fish food, etc for sale.

83DA60C7-41B4-430A-832F-1F47E01520D9.jpeg A536E7FD-2FF2-4E0A-91D1-75B8F126CE57.jpeg 0BF703A7-1660-48F6-8EFE-E40E707811B8.jpeg A9334432-AB57-45E9-9188-CF3A635B4924.jpeg 7CB3DD37-8D48-498A-A66C-CC83CE129431.jpeg 0B26D56C-8F44-40FF-BD1B-274324C11BD7.jpeg 3EB10EDF-3C3D-44A2-863A-80E3FEFDF206.jpeg 84540C21-E61E-4676-B27D-52BAA11F8EDE.jpeg EBEA97F2-552B-43D8-BC9F-87D036888988.jpeg 19FACEA6-6F1E-4BAB-AC77-19934FCBB686.jpeg A3CDA184-8645-4C7F-9E63-1A21E2C527E6.jpeg 69D146C0-4D6F-4275-81F3-6FBE1F83752D.jpeg 88195674-F2C3-4286-8947-46FC1D1852C4.jpeg 2ADB575B-5329-4442-8E49-6646EE7AB276.jpeg 2A65ECD2-E230-4B30-9B2F-C33E6BDE7719.jpeg E0C31C88-EA22-433E-852D-62DDDE57C3AD.jpeg AAA1AA07-19F2-4038-9946-46CD151188CD.jpeg 7C5FE904-5155-41AC-A417-84CD36A8B161.jpeg 0E7166FF-3C47-4D67-B359-70D05FD668FA.jpeg 895857E4-4065-4FBA-943A-5181973F5FFF.jpeg 59306FC3-8C02-4D72-AF97-FEF6BBDBDFBF.jpeg 55A8F632-BE98-4936-AF4B-A35A6B9438D8.jpeg 0CB13CCD-9EC2-40C5-A256-D54779C805E1.jpeg 186D67C4-4FB1-4AAE-9EFA-934B2C837BCB.jpeg 52184840-0468-4870-AA94-E7E53F982E41.jpeg 10C9103D-D9DA-48AB-B055-2C07C0E7FF39.jpeg 2FC14A49-338B-4825-964B-D6FFE219AFEB.jpeg BC2AECE2-5389-4C67-9577-82E48699F079.jpeg 43E709FB-50F8-45B4-A1B4-A00C289F8677.jpeg 799094E1-23D0-44EC-A6ED-2276D4A6FBE5.jpeg 55D7C2C2-4123-4E1E-8B27-F107BFB8E71F.jpeg 6C9EED8E-401D-4EE3-8EED-7FD6A873031C.jpeg 941F5807-73C1-4416-AFF3-B9DA7EFFB3BF.jpeg 2747C6D0-31E6-4413-9F03-F8915206F5E3.jpeg 7F53586B-55C9-4640-83B8-7CB72EF92594.jpeg B9199851-F7A4-42A1-B623-FCB9BE39D570.jpeg 6CBAE791-AEF3-4D7E-B9B7-0FA8938EB622.jpeg 95D82668-8DDC-4C58-9276-9ADAC5210F6E.jpeg 06E29ECF-49F9-4AA4-A708-3762314A7A99.jpeg A550984C-0B00-442B-9C3B-D0B0F8134B14.jpeg F21737C0-86C0-44A8-8785-416CD0989AF7.jpeg 229FABD5-7969-4912-A0E8-E7203A628538.jpeg D47A4409-2BB7-415C-AC20-7EF0596575F3.jpeg

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