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May 29, 2022
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I have a aquatop 24 that's been running for almost a year. I got a good deal on a redsea170. Tank is going in the same room just different wall. My plan was to setup the new tank. I have to do it the same day because the pump heater and lights are all going on the 170. I was going to put all rock coral and fish in totes and buckets with the tank water. I was going ro do half and half new crushed coral. Clean the old though. Take the bio spheres and put them in mesh bags in the sump of the 170 with some new rock aswell. Then transfer rock coral fish and do a 50% water from old tank. Nitrates are like a 5. Sound like a decent plan. I have 1 thing I'm trying to plan out. I have a ton of GSP growing on the back glass which I like. I know I can get it off with a sharp razor blade. My question is what's the best method to get it to stick to the new tank on the back glass. I heard crazy glue just not sure because the flesh is wet? Anyway thoughts or pointers?
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How do you take care of your tank after the storm? As the electricity and WiFi come back on, how do you get your tank back to normalcy?

  • Water change

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  • Check all equipment and service as needed

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  • Check parameters and make adjustments

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  • Feed fish and corals

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  • Other (please explain in discussion thread)

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