Upgrading from 10 to 20 Peninsula

Aaron Soliz

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Aug 5, 2017
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Hi Nano Friends,

i would like some advise on the subject above. I’ll be moving in two months and I would like to put my pair of longfin clowns into a slightly bigger home. They are currently in a 10 gallon that has been set up for 9 months. Have it stable, corals are growing great… I just would like some extra space to add a small yellow corris wrasse. With that being said… what kind of precautions do i need to take when moving things over?

i was told to not to use the same sand but just to put new live sand and add the rock i have currently along with the saltwater i have in my 10 gallon cube. I was debating on letting my friend hold my clownfish pair along with a 4 head gold hammer since i know they can be a bit iffy when things switch up parameters wise. Would i need to add extra bacteria like fritz turbo 9000 to get the tank going again?

i will be making the other 10 gallons with the salt i use since i know the parameters will stay the same.

please share with me your thoughts :)

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