UPS and Fedex Shipping Situation


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Sep 14, 2008
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Dayton, Ohio
Hello all. Wanted to give an update on FedEx and UPS shipping situation. Shipping volume is at an all time high due to Corona stay at home order. I’m starting to see packages breach the guarantee delivery time. Both fedex and ups have posted that they are no longer honoring a delivery time commitment. Even though I ship UPS overnight for 10:30 AM arrival, 1 in 4 of shipments are not making it until end of the day (3pm-8pm). In cooler climates that is just fine. I check your local weather to see what the temperatures are going to be hour by hour for arrival day. If you’re projected high temperature is above 80° then I will contact you to request a UPS pick up at your closest local UPS store. The reason why is if it’s delayed to end of day the UPS truck inside can be 15 to 20° hotter than outside. In the event that a delay causes a loss I will always have you covered. That is not changing. The only change is pickup rather then an at home delivery if your temps are to high to sustain a prolonged shipping duration.

Thank you and as always text me with any questions 937-344-3956

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