Used Kessil Lights and Equipment for Sale

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Feb 23, 2019
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Used Kessil Lights and Equipment for Sale

Recently upgraded my lights and am selling 3 Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue lights, 1 Kessil A-Series Spectral Controller, 1 Kessil Gooseneck and 2 Anker 8ft Auxiliary Cables.

All equipment works, is clean and in good condition with original packaging.

Equipment was run at 50% for 1.5 years and at 75% for another 6 months.

If buying all pieces together: $600

If buying pieces separately:

Kessil A360WE Blue Tuna Lights - $200 each
Kessil A-Series Controller - $60
Kessil Gooseneck - $25
Anker Auxiliary Cables - $5 each

Local So Cal pickup (Menifee) is preferred, but can ship if buyer pays shipping costs.

Price per unit: $200.00
Shipping costs: $0.00
Quantity: 3
Location: Menifee, CA, USA

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