Uv Sterilizer and Skimmer?

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Oct 30, 2014
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imo it is because it kills the organisms quicker. And imo dead organisms are more easily skimmed. I aslo noticed this effect which imo is good.


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May 5, 2018
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I had been running without uv for near a year. But once I added the uv back the skimmer started skimming more but didn’t go nuts.
I’ve noticed that the water is crystal clear within 12hrs but now it’s gin clear. It’s surprising how much has changed since I took it offline.

I never noticed the colour of the water till I looked from one side to the other. But now it’s back to how I had it. Things have gone down hill but I’m putting it down to not having the UV running. As I’ve not changed anything else. I dose and water change once a month as I doo.

so I’m going to say UV does help the skimmer and keeps the tank looking it’s best. But I have a UV bigger than needed as it’s an upgrade for the new 1100L tank.

hope all’s tanks are looking there best.

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