[VIDEO] ▶ HANNA MAGNESIUM Checker - Mr. Saltwater Tank RUF

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Mar 6, 2014
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[VIDEO] HANNA Marine MAGNESIUM Checker - Mr Saltwater Tank -Raw, Uncut & First Impressions

In this episode of our series, Mr. Saltwater Tank - Raw, Uncut, and First Impressions (RUF), Mark will look at the Marine Magnesium Checker from Hanna Instruments. Join us as we run a blind test on Mark's tank with this checker - we'll show you how easy it is to use, what we like about it, and discuss how often we'd use it to test magnesium in our tank.


How have you used eggcrate in or around your aquarium?

  • Aquarium lid

    Votes: 58 33.3%
  • Frag rack

    Votes: 92 52.9%
  • Skimmer stand

    Votes: 58 33.3%
  • Sump Divider

    Votes: 36 20.7%
  • Other (please describe in the discussion)

    Votes: 28 16.1%
  • I have not used eggcrate in or around my aquarium

    Votes: 41 23.6%