[VIDEO] ▶ Neptune LIQUID LEVEL SENSORS - Mr Saltwater Tank RUF

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Mar 6, 2014
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[VIDEO] Neptune Systems LIQUID LEVEL SENSORS - Mr. Saltwater Tank - Raw, Uncut, and First Impressions
In this episode of our series, Mr. Saltwater Tank - Raw, Uncut, and First Impressions (RUF), Mark will look at the Liquid Level Sensors from Neptune Systems. Join us as we see how easy these sensors are to program and what kind of readings we get on our system. We'll also share how straightforward the set-up is, complete with easy instructions and diagrams.


Does it matter to you whether your fish are captive-bred or wild caught?

  • I only buy captive bred fish.

    Votes: 97 14.6%
  • It matters, but I will buy either captive-bred or wild-caught.

    Votes: 465 70.1%
  • I think wild-caught fish are the better option.

    Votes: 16 2.4%
  • I don’t care where the fish were bred.

    Votes: 85 12.8%
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