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May 14, 2018
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I am setting up a video list on the GHL How-tos for reefers that are purchasing a GHL controller, or for those that have one and need some info on how to do something. @[email protected] and @Ditto is a great resource when we need to learn something. GHL created a bunch of videos that will help you in so many ways. The videos below will pretty much tell you how to set up and program most things GHL. Please listen to them as they are very informative. Always pay attention to the details and never skip a step in the videos as they have already been simplified to the least amount of steps. Trust me, I have learned the hard way on not skipping a step, or getting ahead of myself...LOL!!!

How to update Firmware:

How to set-up a KHD:

Leak detection setup:

Dosing Pump Calibration:

Create a Dosing Pump Schedule:

Basic Heater Function Setup:

Their are more videos to help you set up and program your GHL controller. Below is the main link for more videos to help you.

Here are videos courtesy of @Ditto. He put a lot of time into these videos to help you program the GHL. I hope you find the videos as helpful as I did.


Initial Connectivity to the Network:

Programming/Difference between Neptune Apex and GHL:

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