Vortech Goodies- 2 MP40QD, 1 XR30 Gen 3, 1 XR30 Gen 1


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Dec 6, 2019
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As title states, selling my leftover Vortech stuff. Got out of the hobby, no longer need.
Everything worked fine when I tore down tank two months ago, it's all sitting in a closet currently so I haven't gotten around to snapping photos. Everything was purchased used with a setup I bought a little over a year ago, I estimate they were at least 3-4 year old when I snagged them.

MP40's are reeflink compatible. Had no issues with wifi, or updates, they are the newer models with black control panels. They do make slight whirring sounds, but I've never listened to new ones to know if it's uncommon. I have a small box with a few of the spacers left-over. Comes with dry and wet side, and nem guards. 180 shipped each to CONUS via USPS. 340 for both.

XR30's came with the same used set up. Both update with no issues, connect to reeflink just fine. Come with ballasts, obviously. Probably need to be cleaned out, it's been 6ish months since I've done so. Both come with the little I shaped metal bracket to mount to a bar. 180 shipped for the Gen 1, 230 shipped for the Gen 3 to the CONUS.

Prices are firm. Located in Omaha, NE if you want to pick up. Can take photos / provide more information upon request.
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