Waterbox 100.3 owners please help with new build. Also help with equipment selection.


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Feb 18, 2019
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After zero help from the general equipment, hardware, and filtration section I am reposting here hoping to get some help.

I was in the process of building my very first reef tank. I was going to use a 40g display with a 20g sump. While searching for things on craigslist I came across a brand new Waterbox 100.3 tank only that i could not pass up an awesome deal.
If 100.3 owners could help me. I need the plumbing lengths for the overflow, Drain and emergency drain. Return length I could figure out.

Now I have to start all over and pick new equipment given the larger volume of the display tank. I need recomendations on return pump, skimmer, LED lighting, and powerheads. I would like to have a mixed reef tank with easy/beginner corals, anenomes, fish, and invert.

I plan to use the 20g sump I already built. Will this size sump be adequate for a 70g tank?

Here is what I was thinking of going with to give you an idea of my budget.
1- Varios 2 return pump $199
2- Bubble Magus curve 5 $199
3- 2 AI Prime HD+ $420
4- Have not decided on Powerheads. Would like to stay in the $200-$250 range for one or two.
I am open to suggestions if its within my budget. Where am I going wrong? Are my choices good options. I'm trying to stay in the midrange (price) on my selections.
Thanks I would appreciate the help.


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Apr 25, 2018
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Go with a varios 4... i have a varios 2 running 3/5 speed on a tank a quarter the size...

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