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Waterbox 145.5 and Like New Equipment (Reefi LEDs, Reefwaves, Sicce return pump, Regal skimmer, etc.).)

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$225 - $4000
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Nov 3, 2016
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Howdy Reefers!

My friend set up a really nice frag tank earlier this year but has to break down/sell due to a move. The tank and all equipment are only about 6-months old and in like new condition (tank was cycled but never filled with livestock). Please see below for what is available and pricing:

Waterbox Frag 145.5 tank, sump, stand and ATO container - $1,700 ($3,650 new)
Reef Octopus Regal 200 Int Skimmer - $425 ($729 new)
2 x Red Sea Reefwave 45 - $225 each ($329 new)
3 x Reefi Uno Leds - $225 each or $600 for all 3 ($350 new)
Aquaticlife 48" T5 hybrid fixture - $200 ($335 new)
Sicce SDC 7.0 Return Pump - $225 ($399 new)
110 lbs of Real Reef shelf rock - $3/lb or $275 for all ($660 new)

Pick up only in Austin, TX for tank, rock, T5 fixture and skimmer, the rest can be shipped. Thanks for looking!

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