Waterbox Marine X 60.2 Build



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Nov 20, 2020
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Manchester, UK
I Dipped my toe into Marines/reefing 2 years ago, had Tropical freshwater tank and kept Koi outdoor before, so I've a good understanding of basic water chemistry for fish keeping, so after a long hiatus decided to have a go at marine fish keeping.
Went for a visit to LFS explained that I don't have a lot of space but would like a saltwater aquarium, long story short I've a got a aqua one Nano 40 (55 Ltrs) AIO, had fish first but very soon corals caught my eye, tried and lost a lot of softies and LPS, soon realised a 10 gallon AIO has its limitations so after much deliberation I've decided I need a bigger tank (Like you do)
So Here it is..
Decided a Waterbox Marine X 60.2 would just fit into my lounge, (average homes in the UK are quite small), wanted a Peninsular 3620, but dreaming is free apparently, so I've got me a 60.2 with an oak cabinet ( Brand New) and started searching ebay for equipment, this is what I managed to acquire, I would appreciate any feedback regarding suitability of my choices of gear for this build.
Waterbox X Marine 60.2
Kessil X Controller .......(Already Own)
Kessil 360X Tuna Blue..(Used)
Bubble magus Curve 5 (Used)
Vortech Ecotech MP10wqd (used)
Inkbird Temp controller (New)
D&D Titanium heater 250W (New)22
TMC Reef Pump 2000 12v DC(New)
TMC Reef Filter nano 100.... X 2(New)
D&D H2Ocean P1 Dosing pump(New)
EHEIM Reeflex UV UVC Marine 350 (Used)
D&D Aquascape Dry Rock 20KG (New)

That's pretty much it for the hardware, I'm having a go at constructing a NSA with the dry rock, using the superglue & Sand method, which by the way is fantastic, I'm using 2 different viscosity's one really thick (use at work) for initial bond + accelerator and a fairly thin one to dribble into cracks and soak sand turning it to a kind of concrete.
A.jpg E.jpg H.jpg B2.jpg C2.jpg E2.jpg E2.jpg F2.jpg 3.jpg Th


Finished article...... had to lose the middle support as it was lower than the others and was making it wobble, also added a few pieces at the back to provide caves/ hidey holes for the fish, hope it looks good in the tank.
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