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Waterbox Marine X 60.2 Complete Tank for Sale in IL (includes livestock)


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Jul 22, 2021
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Homer Glen, IL
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I'm going to start traveling more now and thinking about selling my complete tank with RODI Unit. This would be ideal for someone near Homer Glen, IL (Chicago South Suburbs) who wants to get into the hobby or already is in the hobby and wants to have everything for a good price. I would sell everything individually but since everything is still up and running, I'm looking for a new home for my complete tank.

Here is what is included with new pricing:
  • Waterbox Marine X 60.2 - $1,399
  • Vectra S2 - $379
  • Prime 16HD Reef - $264
  • VorTech MP40mQD - Mobius Ready QuietDrive Propeller - $469
  • 5 Stage Premium Plus 150 GPD Water Saver RO/DI System - $349
  • 200W Titanium Aquarium Heater System - WiFi - $149
  • 1/4" 8800 Booster Pump Kit - $149
Total New Price: $3,158

Animals Included:
  • 2 Clownfish - $50
  • 1 Springeri Damsel - $25
  • Pink Acron Coral- $25
  • Green Torch Coal - $80
  • LifeRock - $400
Also, I'll include all testing equipment/kits, tools, products, etc... I'll give you everything I have.

I'm looking for $1500 for all this. We will need to figure out a plan on how to get this all transported.

IMG_3211.jpeg IMG_3212.jpeg IMG_3213.jpeg IMG_3214.jpeg IMG_3215.jpeg IMG_3216.jpeg IMG_3217.jpeg IMG_3218.jpeg IMG_3219.jpeg IMG_3220.jpeg