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May 7, 2014
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Orlando, FL
Hello everyone,

I decided to pull the trigger several weeks ago on a Waterbox Reef LX 230.5. I have tried my best to keep a picture log of everything and I will try my best to update daily, in an attempt to catch up with present. Currently the tank is setup awaiting plumbing, sand and rock to be placed in so it can cycle. Once water goes in the tank I want to do a photo a day for at least a year.

My current list of equipment:
Waterbox Reef LX 230.5
EcoTech MP40WQD - 2x
IceCap 4K Gyre - 2x
EcoTech Vectra L2
IM Helios heater 2x 500w
EcoTech Radion WR30 G5 Blue x3
Pentair Aquatics 40W UV Sterilizer
Nyos Quantum 220 Skimmer
CerMedia Marinepure 1.5in Sphere - 1 gallon
CerMedia Marinepure 8x8x4 block - 2x
High Flow Filter Media Cup 7 inch - Sea Foam White - 2x

My want to get list:
GHL KH Director
Algae Scrubber
A controller
Fish and Corals ;)

Todo list:
Add shelving
Cycle tank
Mount UV

Please feel free to ask questions as I start on this journey.

[edit: added quantity to lights and todo list]
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