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Sep 19, 2021
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Hey guys, I recently bought a Red Sea reefer 170 to upgrade from my smaller 16 gallon tank. But I’m still undecided on what wave makers to get. So I’m posting this to get your opinions on what I should get. I’m planning on keeping just lps and softies for now. A couple wave makers I have in mind is the maxspect jump gyre MJ-GF2k and the Jebao sine slw 20. not planning on spending too much on a wavemaker so vortecs is out of the question hahahaha

this is my set up for reefer 170:

red see reefer 170
Maxspect jump led 165
Bubble magus curve a5 skimmer
Hailea HK 300a chiller(don’t need a heater cause I live in a hot country
Sicce syncra 2.5
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