We have over 200 items on auction starting now!

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    We have over 200 items on auction this round! Win 6 items or more and qualify to win a ~1" baby blue hippo tang ($50 value).

    Here are the rules:

    1. Must pay for ALL of your winning items within the first hour after the end of the auction. The last item ends at 10:35pm EST. So you must pay for all of your winning items before 11:35pm EST.
    2. Buy Now wins also count.
    3. Winner will be randomly selected by your name and email.
    4. One entry per person.
    5. Remember to follow our Rules and Policy.

    That's it. Good luck everyone!

    Note: Buy Now option is enabled after the first bid is placed and disabled when a bid that exceeds the Buy Now price is placed.





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