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Discussion in 'TL Reefs' started by TL Reefs, Oct 21, 2017.

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    Exciting things are coming to TL Reefs in the near future. We plan to start offering certain dry goods and bulk filter media at very competitive prices.

    One of the new items we'd like to offer is this media reactor. It comes fully assembled and is a complete system. No need to worry about spending extra on a pump, because it's included. As designed, it works well with biopellets and GFO. We'd also include the materials to run carbon if people would like to have the option. So on to the details!
    We've taken the popular design of using a RO canister housing, modified it, and attempted to improve upon it. It is now a straight flow through, in the bottom and out the top. We've increased the size of all fittings to 3/4", so there is no flow restriction in the lid or associated piping. There is no cartridge required to hold the media, increasing the volume in the reactor and making filling with media a breeze. Just unscrew the lid and toss in more biopellets! Hidden inside the black acrylic stand is a Quiet One 1200 pump, connected directly to the bottom of the canister through a bulkhead fitting. There is a strainer inside the canister to prevent any media from entering the pump, and the cone shaped bottom keeps your media gently tumbling. The flow rate is controllable on the pump, and can be fine tuned using the ball valve on the outlet pipe.

    If there is enough interest, we believe we can provide this for under $100 shipped.

    Now on to the picture and video.


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    Thats a great price point! I run simple system but it looks very good at tumbling them balls!
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