Weekend Sale Is HERE! 1000+ Corals Update! LPS, Acros, Montis, Zoas, Shrooms HOT!


We specialize and Rare and Unusual Corals!
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Jul 29, 2008
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San Diego

Next ASD Update and Sale is Saturday 8/1/20 starting 10am PST (1pm EST)! We will have a MAJOR CORAL DROP right when the sale starts, then add more as the day goes on!

Order by WEBSITE! www.aquasd.com Click the photo of the coral you like (will navigate you to our website), and check out! After first shipping fee is paid for, next orders just select "Shipping with Previous Web Order", so the site doesn't charge you again for freight.

Our Guarantee Policy is taped in each box, but you can find it here as well - https://aquasd.com/pages/policy

Our Shipping info can be viewed here - https://aquasd.com/pages/shipping

Tutorial for our Website here - https://aquasd.com/pages/website-faq-how-to-order

Some Teasers Below!


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