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    We are excited to be here and be a sponsor of Reef2Reef. Thank you revhtree for creating a friendly place for all of us to discuss what we are passionate about!

    We have sponsored Reef2Reef not only to support our industry but also to field questions from any and all ATI customers or potential customers. The intention of this forum is to be a helpful place to learn about ATI products.

    In the event you need support due to a problem with an ATI product please contact us directly at:

    ATI North America
    Web Contact Form: Aquarium lighting and fltration. SunPower and Powermodule T5 High Output Fixtures and PowerCone Protein Skimmer Warranty Information from ATI North America.
    Email: customercare@atinorthamerica.com
    Phone: 303-459-2119

    To learn more about ATI products and how to use them, please visit our YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/ATINorthAmericaTV.

    Thank you for visiting ATI North America on Reef2Reef!

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