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Discussion in 'Waterbox Aquariums' started by Daniel87, Jan 10, 2019.

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    So me and the wife have decided to go to something nicer than what we got back at the beginning of last month. She didnt want to spend alot of money due to she didnt know if she like it or not. So we bought a 36 gal bow front. Fast forward till now she wants something nicer and little bigger since we are working in a limited space. I already have a buyer for the 36 gal. I think we have decided based on space restrictions and a few other things to price being one major component for her to go with the AIO 40.2 Silver series. I'm hoping to order it within the next couple of months. But I do have a couple of questions. I would prefer one of the tanks with sump, but the wife isnt to happy about the price compared to the AIO. So my bigger question is will there be any sales going on in the coming months that may make it easier to to afford a model with a sump.


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    I have the Platinum 45.2 and love it. Having a sump is great...considering turning the ATO compartment into a Refugium...but that is going to be a while til I convince myself how to do it safely.
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