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Wellsophyllia, Favia, Shrooms and more!


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Jan 6, 2020
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Selling some coral to help fund a bigger tank. Located in Southwest Florida, any questions just message me or respond in thread!
Yuma Rock $125 (Probably about 25-30 yumas on the rock, beautiful green and blue yumas photo was just taken under purely white lights)
Favia Colony about 5-6 inches in diameter $150
Wellsophylia (about 8-9 inches) $325
4 Head Hammer $100
Galaxea $35
Candy canes $100 Probably over 30 heads of different pieces, could glue them together for a nice colony!

F0597CA4-E24C-4F8F-A114-3261D175319A.jpeg 18F9296A-B95B-4672-B210-C6A655526101.jpeg 10CFB1CC-2D7A-4E40-A485-3532B064BECE.jpeg E067E672-4A41-4417-82F5-12D1E5FC0450.jpeg E14F96FD-6545-4EF6-9972-24170E0BA548.jpeg 219E53F0-3862-4F62-ADF3-4C6DEE0E7617.jpeg 492F8D34-7DC3-461A-8DAE-6B912F6ED599.jpeg B542DAF8-B95F-4C96-8692-9189F0C961A7.jpeg

How often do you have some type of algae issue?

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  • Every Month

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  • A Few Times A Year

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  • Once A Year Or So

    Votes: 14 11.5%
  • Every Few years

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  • Never.....(are you lying?)

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  • Other (please explain)

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