What is the best order of my filtration??? P.S. Thoughts on No3 reduction...

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Jan 22, 2021
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Currently, in my sump, I am running ceramic bio cylinders, GFO reactor, chaeto reactor, skimmer, and activated carbon. As water comes down from my overflow it is first running through ceramic cylinders which then leads straight to my chaeto reactor, which is then pushing that water towards my GFO reactor pump (slowly pulling away from GFO as my chaeto reactor is fairly new and still in its beginning stage of "maturing"). From the GFO reactor the water is then sent in the direction of my skimmer and from my skimmer to my activated carbon and then to my return pump. In my head, this seems like the route of choice. If anyone has any disagreements, please tell me, with an informed reason why it would be better to change their routing. Thanks in advance!

P.S. Been in the hobby about 4 years and although I've used this site many times, as a resource for information, this is my first post. With that said Hello Everyone!!!

P.S.S I also have a refugium area that isn't being used. Would it be overkill to run both the reactor and refugium? Sounds like overkill, but I cant help but wonder.... I should probably mention that I am using the Reefers Moonshine Method and do NOT do water changes. My Po4 level is under control however my No3 hangs around 50ppm. I don't believe its having a noticeable negative effect however I would still like to see a lower value, which brings me to the thought of maybe the use of this refugium could have added benefits. I do dose vinegar daily in hopes of seeing a lower No3 value but have not seen much of any change, at all, and have been using this type of carbon dosing for about a month or two now. IDK lol I have a feeling I'm gonna be told to do a water change, but that's not the route I'm looking to go as I would like to mechanically or biologically removes these nitrates WITHOUT doing a water change. lol
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Sep 14, 2017
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Feb 14, 2019
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If you have a nitrate level of 50 and also running cheato something is wrong, or your cheato needs to fired. It should be growing like pumpkin plant at 50 pom nitrate.

Is your cheato actually growing?

Water changes are just a bandaid and will only reduce levels for few days.

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