What price to sell used IM Lagoon 25 for?


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Sep 11, 2014
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Texas, United States
So I'm in the process of breaking down my lagoon 25, and my neighbor happens to be interested in buying it, and is coming over early tomorrow afternoon to take a look. But before that happens, I need to figure out a reasonable price to sell it at! I have no experience with setting a price for a used aquarium, so I was hoping someone here could give me a good idea of a reasonable price.

Supposing he does buy it, I'll throw in my inTank filtration chambers and refugium section with it. Might throw in the Hydor Koralia Nano if he wants it. I made one of those DIY screen tops from the BRS kit, which will ofc go with the tank. Will definitely offer the stand as part of the bargain, but idk if anyone would want it - it's extremely sturdy, and has a nice little cabinet with a shelf underneath, but the paint job was a purely practical one: just one layer of thin white paint, not even enough to totally disguise the texture of the wood underneath. Not ugly, imo, but definitely not pretty. That can be fixed easily if someone want to take the time to do a full paint job on it, but most people probably won't.

As for the state of the tank, it needs a good, thorough cleaning. It is absolutely covered in algae, like every square inch of it, no joke. I'll do my best to clear that out in the short amount of time until he comes, but... it'll still be pretty rough looking. Again, can be cleaned by the buyer, but the state of it will lower the resale value. The rear chamber has never been cleaned, and the return pump definitely needs cleaning, too. Other than being in desperate need of cleaning, it's in perfect condition: no chips or scratches anywhere on it.

I'd like to get $200 for the tank, stand, lid, inTank filtration compartments, and whatever other random things he might want that go with it. But considering the hardcore cleaning it needs, not sure that that's reasonable. So maybe $150? Or $200, but I do the cleaning? I don't know. Like I said, not sure what's a reasonable asking price. All advice welcome!
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Apr 22, 2017
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Eagle Mt Utah
I sold mine with the stand that goes with it and all the filtration stuff and screen top for $200. It was dirty as could be. I would think since it’s a diy stand you’d be good at $150 without cleaning it

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