What to do with dozens of baby clowns which may or may not be sick...read on!



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May 31, 2020
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Hi guys, as you may know by my name, I live in Bangkok and here we have open air shops all clumped together (mostly low end products and out of tune vendors) one of these small markets which I visit occasionally that's near me has plenty of freshwater fish of every kind for sale but everytime I go, I notice two small maybe 10 gallon tanks off to the side which are full of baby clowns and occasionally there will be an unhealthy starfish or urchin with them. The tanks are completely neglected in every way possible. (yesterday they had a poor anemone in there slowly dying) What I don't understand is why have them there in those conditions when the rest of the market sells freshwater only! No customers have a saltwater tank even if they wanted a clown. Anyway, I was considering buying a large quantity just to save them but I don't know what I would do with so many...any ideas?
PS...I may repost this later when more people are active...its midday for me but night for most users...
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